Kick off the creative day with clay coaster making workshop, where your child will learn how to express designs in mixing colors and turn them into a Coaster. Then, using extensive materials, unleash D.I.Y. skills with their very own scented slimes. In this creative session, children may experiment with their handmade borax-free slimes with provided slime add-ons. The workshop allows your child to learn physio-social and physical skills by practising physical skills like grip control, motor coordination, and spatial awareness. Give your child the chance to improve their thinking and communication skills by decorating and making decisions of the colours, shapes, design you want.


Duration: 2 hours

Location: UE Square, 81 Clemenceau Ave #03-11

Bring home: One (1) Clay Coaster

Two (2) tubs of slime (choose from a selection of essential oils)


Slime making & Clay Coaster