Stay home and have a home slime party!

In this pack, you can make up to 10 slime tubs.

Follow our step by step instruction guide to make your own slime and have a jolly good time! Add in foam balls and confetti (inculded) for more slimy fun!


Set includes:

- 2x plastic bowls

- 8x ice cream sticks

- 4x empty slime tubs (air-tight, food grade)

- 1x measuring cup

- 1 litre clear glue

- 1x 500ml activator

- 2x packets of baking soda

- 1x set of glitter dust (colours vary)

- 1x pack of confetti (colours vary)

- 1x pack of foam beads (colours vary)

DIY Slime Making Jumbo Pack

  • *To open up the bottle of activator, follow the below instructions:

    1. Unscrew the cap and discard the safety ring.

    2 after removing the safety ring, screw in the cap tightly to break the seal

  • Only to Singapore addresses, delivery may take 3 to 5 working days.