Make the most of your School Holiday!

With 5 workshops put together in a 3 hours session.

Learn to make:


Soap Making

  • Using melt and pour technique, make glycerine soaps with preferred colours and essential oils.
  • Choose from a variety of soap moulds


Bath Bomb Making

  • Learn to make fizzy and safe to use bath bombs for sensitive skin with no harsh chemical ingredients.
  • Use variable colorant, dried flowers, gold/silver foil to make your bath bomb attractive.


Clay Magnet Making

  • Using colour swirl technique, make unique clay magnets with preferred colors.
  • Choose from a variety of cartoon design mould cutters


Borax-free Slime Making

  • Using child-safe ingredients to make scretchy glittery slimes.
  • Choose from a variety of colours & glitter to decorate your slimes.


Candle Making

  • Create your own essential oil blend for your candle scent. 
  • Choose from a variety of dry flowers to decorate your candle.


Drop-off class</