Learn about ocean animals in the most jolly way! Flashcards have been effectively used for right brain training. Repeat this game for a few minutes daily to flex the right brain!
Use the wet-proof learning flash cards and bury them in a tub of water beads, watch them begin their treasure hunt as they use their hands to dig the cards out one by one.
For more fun play: Lay out 6 cards in a line and read out the animal names, repeat a few times until your child recall all the animals in their memory! Visit our IG account @jollyconfetti.sg for more play ideas!
Set includes:
1x set of flash cards (16 cards)
1x container of expanded water beads
1x tub slime (random colour)
1x PVC carry bag
Suitable for preschool and kindergarten.
Note: Supervision needed for small parts and not to put water beads in mouth.

Slime Play Ocean Creatures Kit [New]