Learn using clay tools and creativity to create Halloween theme soft clay items; crawly spider, spooky witch hat & funny monster.


Who are suitable to join Soft Clay Workshop?

- Ideal for boys and girls and mixed ages!

- Suitable for preschoolers, primary school children and even teens can have fun using their fingers to structure their clay craft.


Why use Soft Clay?

This is easily the most wonderful feature of soft clays: They are non-toxic, air-dry on its own usually after 24 hours and do not require any special experience, just lots of room for creativity!


What are the benefits of Soft Clay?

  • Soft clay is smooth and not sticky, it is easy to work with.
  • Easily wash off excess clay off your hand with water.
  • Working with soft clay has a relaxing effect, which makes it perfect for an art therapy session after a busy school week.
  • Soft clay is versatile and can be extended to various craft projects to be continued at home  
  • Learn "Handbuilding" technique when working with soft clay, just need to work your hand and fingers only!


Kids who know Jolly Confetti, will not be willing to leave our studio without their favorite activity and that is Slime Making! Have a blast making Halloween slime and leave the mess to us.


Bring home:

- 2x Halloween Slimes

- 1x Halloween Soft Clay Set (3 pcs)


Duration: 1 hour class

Venue: 41 Temple Street #02-01, S058586. Chinatown MRT station, exit A - 3 mins walk.



*One parent can accompany for kids below 5yo.

*No cancellation or refund if fail to turn up. 

*Rescheduling is only allowed 7 days prior workshop date.

We encourage all participants to put on your mask during class.

[Halloween Edition] Soft Clay & Slime Workshop