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Bath Fizz Workshop for Kids Spa Party

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

What can you expect on our Kids Spa Party?

At Jolly Confetti, we want to create FUN birthday parties for kids by ENGAGING them in activities through our children workshops.

Kids are attracted to colors, for that we create a platter of colorful ingredients that are interesting and safe for skin.

As much as we try to go "all-natural" in making their bath fizz, we are selective in our ingredients handled by children.

What ingredients do we use for our Bath Fizz Making Workshop?

For all of our workshops for children, we use only non-toxic materials and mainly baking ingredients, coconut oil, dried flower herbs, edible food coloring or mica colorants (skin safe) and essential oil for scent.

How do we bring excitement to your child?

We often have parents telling us, "How I wish I had such parties when I was young."

Learn to make something new is always exciting to both young and old. That is why workshop style birthday parties are increasing popular in its special way.

Not forgetting the priceless expressions on the kids' faces when they see their bath fizz explodes beautifully in their foot bath.

An unforgettable party lives a meaningful story, special activity and lots of love in preparation.

For that, we include express manicure for kids to feel extra special on your little one's birthday!

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