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Looking for a Slime Party for your little one?

Let's glitter and shine with our Slime Party!

Children are young only once, so why not give them a Gooey fun time without worrying about the mess after?

What's more, our slime texture is well-known to be manageable due to the dough-like texture achieved with our Jolly Confetti slime recipe.

How's our slime texture different from others?

I am sure you have heard or experienced for yourself many horror stories of runny slime bought from toy store. They are like mucus in touch and are hard to remove from textile.

We are parents too so we want only slime that are "mess-free" so we tested and tried our slime recipe many times to finally achieve the ideal slime.

One key highlight is that we do not use *borax in our slime. *Borax is a strong cleaning agent used in cleaning product.

What can you expect on our Glitter & Shine Slime Party?

Included in this party is Slime Making Workshop, where kids will be taught to make slime from scratch using only non-toxic and kitchen ingredients.

A shimmery party cannot do without golden canister for slime which you can reuse as accessories holder, pretty tattoo and lots of glitters!

Is Glitter and Shine Party suitable for boys too?

Yes of course! Slime party is always a good idea for both boys and girls. We have cool tattoos just for the boys!

What's more? We include a complimentary fringe activity: clay art magnet making which kids love making their one-of-a-kind magnet.

We love making good parties for children because we know how to have fun 😉

Birthday backdrop and cake table is included for your use at no additional cost.

For booking, drop us a message on

FaceBook - Jolly Confetti,

Instagram - or

email us at: for Glitter and Shine Slime Party at $450 for 10 children.

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